About us

The Austrian company SAPHENUS Medical Technology was founded 2016. Aaron Pitschl and Rainer Schultheis managing director and the Olympic champion Toni Innauer is one of the co-founders. Saphenus mission is improving quality of life for those who have lost their feelings in their legs due to amputation or polyneuropathy.

Saphenus has found a ground-breaking solution based on bionic principles. Feedback systems like Suralis helps users to enlarge their embodiment with an optimum of sensory integration to the body. Saphenus has developed patented high-tech devices and holistic therapy concepts in years of research and in cooperation with a network of many interdisciplinary research departments. A new category of medical products provides appropriate care for amputees and diabetics.

Saphenus is proud to be a member of the Economy for the Common Good and has created the first common weal balance in 2020. Saphenus is embedded in a cooperation with the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Traumatology.

Saphenus has been promoted by national and international funding programs and was the first Austrian company who got the EIC Accelerator of the European Commission in 2020 as part of Horizon Europe.

Gruppenfoto Saphenus
the Saphenus Team