General Questions – Sensory Feedback

Are the costs reimbursed?

In Germany and Austria some health insurance companies have already covered the costs if the medical indication was clearly given. An initial meeting and a medical certificate on the pain situation for determination of the medical indication is highly recommended.

How do I get this system?

Please send a request on www.saphenus.com and afterwards an employee will contact you. You will be introduced to the therapy system step by step.

Who can I turn to?

Contact the team of Saphenus by sending a request on the website.

Which payment options are available?

Please Contact us and we will inform you about the payment options.

What happens after sending the request and the payment?

After the payment and the request, a staff member will contact you, to find a date for the initial meeting.

How do I know if I am suitable for the product?

The initial meeting and the medical certificate on the pain situation will show you whether you are suitable for the therapy.

Is it a whole prosthesis?

Suralis is an add-on system and can be adapted to different prostheses. It is applicable for people with transtibial and transfemoral amputations.

With which prosthesis and which amputation level is the system suitable?

The system Suralis is suitable for people with transtibial and transfemoral amputations.

Does the system have to be installed in my prosthesis?

Suralis is specifically tailored to your individual needs. There are several ways to adjust the system. The primary aim is to adjust Suralis without changing the prosthetic care.

Is there a possibility to try the prosthesis beforehand?

You get to know the system during the 4-phase therapy. A test off the therapy is not possible.

Is the system wearable with shoes?

The sensor sock is a part of Suralis and is available in different sizes and can be put over the footshell/foot cosmetics. Thus, Suralis can be used with shoes.

Where is the system available?

The 4-phase therapy is offered in Germany, Austria and South Tyrol (Italy). For the surgery within the therapy an attendance in the R&D Lab is necessary.

Can I do sport with this system?

You can use the system Suralis in your daily life. Suralis will help you to integrate the prostheses to your body image. This can be on rough terrain, climbing stairs or reactivating your dancing skills.

Will upper limb prosthesis be available in the future?

The research and development lab of Saphenus cooperates with research institutes on developing a feedback system for upper limbs.

Is the system a medical product?

Suralis is an approved medical device.

Technical questions – Sensory Feedback System

What do I have to keep in mind before using the device?

The system must be activated by a service engineer or an orthopedic technician.

How do I control the system?

There is an on and off button to turn on or switch off the system. It will be explained when you get the system installed.

Are there different modes?

In the practicing modes the specifics of the actuators can be perceived and adapted. The active mode is the standard mode. It will be used in your everyday life.

How do I switch between those modes?

The system has two modes. There is a consistent feedback mode and an active mode for the usage in your everyday life. By pressing the button three times, the modes can be changed.

Is the vibration adjustable?

The vibration can be adjusted by a service engineer or an orthopedic technician.

How often do I have to charge the system?

It is best charging the system before going to bed.

Is the system waterproof?

The system is splash-proof.

Is the system assessable with an App?

In the current situation, the system does not have an app. A mobile phone app for controlling is in the planning stage.

What are vibrotactile engines?

Vibrotactile engines are engines which create vibration and transmit non-invasive sensory information to the skin.

Questions about pain

Can phantom limb pain be reduced?

Within the 4-phase therapy the pain situation is precisely analysed as well as categorised. Clinical results have shown that selective nerve transfer in combination with the sensory feedback system can combat pain.

Can I use the System if I have pain?

At first it will be checked if you are suitable for the therapy according to your pain situation. Within the 4-phase therapy the pain situation will be treated, and the sensory feedback system will improve your mobility.

Can I use the System if I do not have pain?

The system can be used if you do not have pain. At the moment the system is only offered within the 4-phase therapy. If you are only interested in the system, please contact Saphenus.

Therapy and Surgery

Is surgery necessary?

At first a clear indication of the pain situation is necessary. In coordination with physicians _ surgery is necessary when otherwise adequate prosthetic care is not possible.

Where does the surgery take place?

The surgery may take place in BG Clinics Tübingen, Brixsana Private Clinic or AUVA.

Will the surgery be reimbursed?

Within the 4-phase therapy Saphenus supports you with the submission and the required documents. Normally the costs for surgery are covered.

Is it possible to perform the retouring of the nerves even if the amputation took place a long time ago?

The time of the amputation does not have an impact on the nerve conduction.

How are first calls during the Covid-19 pandemic made?

Due to the current situation and the avoidance of personal contact, the initial meeting can be conducted digital via video conference.

What does the four-stage therapy look like?

Within phase 1 the actual state of your pain situation will be clarified. We issue a medical certificate on the pain situation. In phase 2 the surgical intervention will take place in one of the competence centres of Saphenus. Within phase 3 – the postoperative phase – first experiences with the system will be made and in phase 4 you are an actual user of Suralis.

Is it possible to skip a step of the therapy?

In the course of the Covid-19 pandemic most of the phases of the therapy can be conducted digitally. Phase 1 can be enforced digital and in phase 3 and 4 many therapy steps can be held digital.

Do I have to participate in therapy if I would like to use the product?

At the moment Suralis is only offered as a part of the 4-phase therapy. If you are only interested in the system, please contact Saphenus.

What do I have to keep in mind if I would like to use this system

If you are interested, please contact Saphenus and we will determine if you are suitable for the 4-phase therapy. You are welcome to send a request before the elective amputation. It may be possible to clarify if you are suitable for the 4-phase therapy in advance.

Are there suggested orthopedic technician?

Please contact Saphenus or your orthopedic technician can send a request for you as well.